04 Jul, 2024
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July 04, 2024 ✨ Comprehensive Use of GPT-4o for Enhanced Article Generation


We are excited to announce that QuickCreator AI Blogging Platform now comprehensively uses GPT-4o for all article generation tasks, ensuring higher quality and more stable content creation.

Key Improvements

  • Comprehensive Use of GPT-4o:  Complete utilization of GPT-4o's advanced capabilities for all content generation.
  • Enhanced Content Quality:  More coherent, engaging, and high-quality articles.
  • Increased Stability:  More coherent, engaging, and high-quality articles.
  • Optimized SEO:  Better keyword integration and topic relevance.

Benefits to Users

  • Higher Quality Content
  • Greater Reliability
  • Faster SEO Wins
  • Global Reach
  • User-Friendly Experience
19 Jun, 2024
Blog wizard v4

June 19, 2024 ✨ Optimization of Internal and External Links

To better address the current issues with the internal and external linking functionality, we have implemented the following optimizations:

Main Updates

1. Disabling Professional Term Links

  • The function to insert links for professional terms has been completely disabled. From now on, professional terms will no longer automatically have links inserted.
  • Purpose: To avoid an excessive number of links, ensure the links are relevant to the core points of the article, and address user feedback regarding the usefulness of these links.

2. Optimizing Brand Term Links

  • The function to insert brand term links is now only enabled for articles written from "Listicle Article" and "Comparison Article".
  • Purpose: This will effectively prevent linking to non-product or non-brand websites, avoid linking to competitor brand terms, and correct any issues with misidentified brand terms.

User Benefits

  • Enhanced Content Relevance: By disabling unnecessary professional term links, the content will be more focused on key points, enhancing the user reading experience.
  • Increased Brand Exposure: The optimized brand term link strategy ensures that brand term links are limited to appropriate article types, providing more precise and effective brand exposure.
  • Avoiding Irrelevant Links: With a stricter link insertion logic, irrelevant or unnecessary links are avoided, improving the overall quality and credibility of the articles.
19 Jun, 2024
Blog wizard v4

June 19, 2024 ✨ Optimization of Page meta information

We are excited to announce the upcoming release of new optimizations for generating Page Meta Information in QuickCreator Blog Wizard. Here are the key updates:


  • Meta Descriptions Based on Outlines:  The logic for generating Meta Descriptions has been adjusted from being based on the entire article to being based on the article outline. This change will more accurately summarize the core content of the article, improving the relevance and appeal of the descriptions.
  • Using Blog Title H1 as Meta Title:  Instead of generating a separate meta title, the blog title H1 will now be used as the meta title. This ensures that important information in the original title is not lost in the newly generated meta title.
  • Analysis of Search Results for Reference Articles:  By analyzing descriptions of reference articles in search results, we can extract best practices and apply them to the Meta Description generation process. This leverages the most effective description strategies currently in use, enhancing the quality of the generated descriptions.
  • Avoiding Generic Terms:  When generating Meta Descriptions, we avoid common generic terms and use more specific and direct language. This approach enhances the uniqueness and click-through rate of the descriptions.
  • Upgraded to gpt4-o Model:  The Meta Descriptions and meta titles are now generated using the gpt4-o model. This ensures that the generated text is more aligned with human reading habits and SEO requirements, resulting in higher quality descriptions.

We believe these updates to QuickCreator Blog Wizard will provide you with a better user experience and improved results. Thank you for your continued support!

18 Jun, 2024
Blog Title
Blog wizard v4

June 18, 2024 ✨ Optimization of Generating Blog title

Optimize the title generation process to make the generated titles more consistent with the best practices in search results

17 Jun, 2024
Blog Outline
Blog wizard v4

June 18, 2024 ✨ Optimization of Generating Blog Outline & External Domain Blacklist

Key Improvements

The Blog Wizard now uses high-quality reference articles and an automatic validation mechanism to generate more logical, detailed, and relevant blog outlines.

New Features and Enhancements

  1. Reference Article Outline Extraction:  Extracts outlines from multiple high-quality reference articles for better structure.
  2. Outline and Writing Style Analysis:  Aligns generated outlines with the structure and style of top articles.
  3. Initial Outline Generation:  Produces a logically sound and relevant initial outline.
  4. Automatic Detection and Correction:   Avoids placeholders and ensures clear, specific content.

User Benefits

  • Improved Content Quality: Better structured and coherent outlines.
  • Reduced Revision Time: Fewer manual corrections needed.
  • Increased Content Relevance: High relevance of subtopics to the main theme.
  • More Precise Content: Avoids repetitive basic explanations.

External Domain Blacklist

Users now have the ability to block specific domains from appearing in generated articles. You can add domains to the blacklist after an article is created, or proactively manage the blacklist to ensure unwanted domain links are always excluded.

07 Jun, 2024
Blog ideas
Blog Title
Blog type - from product url
Blog wizard
Blog wizard v3

June 11, 2024 ✨ Optimization of Generating Blog title & Upgrade of Generating Blog from Product URL

Optimization of Generating Blog title

The logic for generating blog titles has received a major upgrade!

Major Update

1. Optimization of Blog Title Generation Logic

  • A new approach to blog title generation that analyzes the top Google search results to create titles that are more precise and aligned with user search intent.

Specific Enhancements

1. Search Result Analysis Optimization

  • Analyzing the top Google search results to ensure coverage of the most relevant and up-to-date content.
  • Analyzing the types of search results (e.g., blog articles, news, Wiki, product pages).
  • Summarizing user search intent from organic search results and recommending suitable blog writing intents and related search terms.

2. Generating Blog Titles Based on Best Practices from Search Results

  • Filtering and retaining titles of the same blog type as best practice references, then generating high-quality blog titles based on these best practices to ensure title quality and innovation.

3. Filtering Out Similar Titles

  • Removing similar titles to ensure the final list of titles is unique and diverse.

Upgrade of Generating Blog from Product URL

This update focuses on a comprehensive upgrade to the blog generation feature from Product URL(aka Product Promotion). Our goal is to enhance user experience and improve the quality of the generated content. Here are the details of the update:

Major Update

New Writing Engine

  • Re-implemented the blog generation feature from product links using a brand new writing engine. This improvement not only speeds up the blog generation process but also significantly enhances the quality and relevance of the content.

Feature Enhancements

Enhanced Product Knowledge Extraction:

  • With the improved product information analysis capabilities, QuickCreator now provides more detailed and in-depth product data and analysis, helping users generate more authoritative and valuable blog content.

User Experience Optimization

Simplified Generation Steps

  • The blog generation process has been simplified to a 4-step mode, greatly streamlining the operation process, allowing users to quickly and easily generate the desired blog content.

Rich Topic Recommendations

  • Upgraded from the original single-topic recommendation mode to a multi-topic recommendation mode, allowing users to choose the most suitable theme from multiple recommended topics, ensuring content diversity and attractiveness.

SEO and Search Optimization

Optimized Blog Titles and Outlines

  • Leveraging the powerful search capabilities of the new engine, the generated blog titles and outlines are better aligned with Google's ranking algorithms and user search intent, enhancing the visibility and traffic of the blogs on search engines.

Writing Capability Enhancements

Enhanced Writing Controls

  • The new engine provides users with more control, including internal and external link management, image control, and the ability to add facts and evidence, making the generated articles more professional, authentic, and authoritative, with richer presentation formats.
20 May, 2024

May 21, 2024 ✨ A new post type and two integrations are available!

New Features

1. We offer a new post type: Analytical Article. This type of article is used to analyze the motivations and reasons behind things. 

2. Two new integrations have been added: Strapi and Shopline.  Now you can export article content to them.


As there are more and more integrations, we have made the following adjustments to the entrance for exporting articles to integrations.

In the editor, you can click the "Export" button in the upper right corner:

In the post list, you can click More -> Export:

16 May, 2024

May 16, 2024 ✨ Insert Designated Links

Manually add internal links and anchor text to accurately link to the target page to effectively promote products, activities and various resources.

25 Apr, 2024

April 25, 2024 ✨ Writing upgrade

Split Entry Points for Writing

For a clearer writing experience, Blog Writer 2.0 now offers two distinct ways to start writing.

From Primary Keyword 2.0: Generate blogs content based on your primary keyword.

From Topic: Generate blogs with content based on a chosen topic, helping you explore new ideas and broaden the scope of your content.

How-To (Step-by-Step Guide) 2.0

The How-To functionality has been upgraded to version 2.0, providing clearer and more detailed steps for creating comprehensive guides.


User Interface Optimization: The interface has been refined to be more concise and intuitive, offering a smoother and more user-friendly experience.

12 Apr, 2024

April 12, 2024 ✨ Insert Relevant Keywords and Keyword Score(Beta)

Automatically integrate keywords to save time and improve rankings!Let Blog Writer 2.0's keyword integration feature do the heavy lifting for you. Create optimized content effortlessly - and start seeing the rewards through higher search visibility.

1. Insert Relevant Keywords

Upon activating this feature, related keywords will be automatically embedded into your blog at optimal frequencies, including in H1 titles, outlines, and article content, providing a keyword embedding result score. This ensures your articles are not only optimized for search engines but also closely aligned with audience search content, making your content more discoverable and engaging.

Select idea and enable Insert Relevant Keywords at the same time

Intelligently select and analyze content relevant to user search intent

Real-Time Keyword Scoring

The keyword embedding score is calculated based on the importance of the keyword and the weighted frequency of embedded words.Based on the keyword embedding effect, the keyword embedding score can be calculated in real time when editing the title and outline.

Title score

H2, H3 score

2. Keyword Score

After the article is generated, you can see the final keyword score

  • Competitor keyword analysis - Check the optimization indicators and results of competitors' related articles.
  • Benchmarking - Compare word count, titles, paragraphs, images to competitor content.
  • Insight and Optimization - Achieve effective content optimization by analyzing competitor wording.

Current supported language:

1. Български (Bulgarian)

2. Čeština (Czech)

3. Dansk (Danish)

4. English

5. Ελληνικά (Greek)

6. Deutsch (German)

7. Magyar (Hungarian)

8. Lietuvių (Lithuanian)

9. Nederlands (Dutch)

10. Norge (Norwegian)

11. Română (Romanian)

12. Svenska (Swedish)

13. Spanisch (Spanish)

14. Français (French)

15. Polski (Polish)

16. Русский (Russian)

17. Italiano (Italian)

18. Português do Brasil (Brazilian Portuguese)

19. Português (Portugal)

20. Türkçe (Turkish)