19 Jun, 2024
Blog wizard v4

June 19, 2024 ✨ Optimization of Internal and External Links

To better address the current issues with the internal and external linking functionality, we have implemented the following optimizations:

Main Updates

1. Disabling Professional Term Links

  • The function to insert links for professional terms has been completely disabled. From now on, professional terms will no longer automatically have links inserted.
  • Purpose: To avoid an excessive number of links, ensure the links are relevant to the core points of the article, and address user feedback regarding the usefulness of these links.

2. Optimizing Brand Term Links

  • The function to insert brand term links is now only enabled for articles written from "Listicle Article" and "Comparison Article".
  • Purpose: This will effectively prevent linking to non-product or non-brand websites, avoid linking to competitor brand terms, and correct any issues with misidentified brand terms.

User Benefits

  • Enhanced Content Relevance: By disabling unnecessary professional term links, the content will be more focused on key points, enhancing the user reading experience.
  • Increased Brand Exposure: The optimized brand term link strategy ensures that brand term links are limited to appropriate article types, providing more precise and effective brand exposure.
  • Avoiding Irrelevant Links: With a stricter link insertion logic, irrelevant or unnecessary links are avoided, improving the overall quality and credibility of the articles.