17 Jun, 2024
Blog Outline
Blog wizard v4

June 18, 2024 ✨ Optimization of Generating Blog Outline & External Domain Blacklist

Key Improvements

The Blog Wizard now uses high-quality reference articles and an automatic validation mechanism to generate more logical, detailed, and relevant blog outlines.

New Features and Enhancements

  1. Reference Article Outline Extraction:  Extracts outlines from multiple high-quality reference articles for better structure.
  2. Outline and Writing Style Analysis:  Aligns generated outlines with the structure and style of top articles.
  3. Initial Outline Generation:  Produces a logically sound and relevant initial outline.
  4. Automatic Detection and Correction:   Avoids placeholders and ensures clear, specific content.

User Benefits

  • Improved Content Quality: Better structured and coherent outlines.
  • Reduced Revision Time: Fewer manual corrections needed.
  • Increased Content Relevance: High relevance of subtopics to the main theme.
  • More Precise Content: Avoids repetitive basic explanations.

External Domain Blacklist

Users now have the ability to block specific domains from appearing in generated articles. You can add domains to the blacklist after an article is created, or proactively manage the blacklist to ensure unwanted domain links are always excluded.