07 Jun, 2024
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June 11, 2024 ✨ Optimization of Generating Blog title & Upgrade of Generating Blog from Product URL

Optimization of Generating Blog title

The logic for generating blog titles has received a major upgrade!

Major Update

1. Optimization of Blog Title Generation Logic

  • A new approach to blog title generation that analyzes the top Google search results to create titles that are more precise and aligned with user search intent.

Specific Enhancements

1. Search Result Analysis Optimization

  • Analyzing the top Google search results to ensure coverage of the most relevant and up-to-date content.
  • Analyzing the types of search results (e.g., blog articles, news, Wiki, product pages).
  • Summarizing user search intent from organic search results and recommending suitable blog writing intents and related search terms.

2. Generating Blog Titles Based on Best Practices from Search Results

  • Filtering and retaining titles of the same blog type as best practice references, then generating high-quality blog titles based on these best practices to ensure title quality and innovation.

3. Filtering Out Similar Titles

  • Removing similar titles to ensure the final list of titles is unique and diverse.

Upgrade of Generating Blog from Product URL

This update focuses on a comprehensive upgrade to the blog generation feature from Product URL(aka Product Promotion). Our goal is to enhance user experience and improve the quality of the generated content. Here are the details of the update:

Major Update

New Writing Engine

  • Re-implemented the blog generation feature from product links using a brand new writing engine. This improvement not only speeds up the blog generation process but also significantly enhances the quality and relevance of the content.

Feature Enhancements

Enhanced Product Knowledge Extraction:

  • With the improved product information analysis capabilities, QuickCreator now provides more detailed and in-depth product data and analysis, helping users generate more authoritative and valuable blog content.

User Experience Optimization

Simplified Generation Steps

  • The blog generation process has been simplified to a 4-step mode, greatly streamlining the operation process, allowing users to quickly and easily generate the desired blog content.

Rich Topic Recommendations

  • Upgraded from the original single-topic recommendation mode to a multi-topic recommendation mode, allowing users to choose the most suitable theme from multiple recommended topics, ensuring content diversity and attractiveness.

SEO and Search Optimization

Optimized Blog Titles and Outlines

  • Leveraging the powerful search capabilities of the new engine, the generated blog titles and outlines are better aligned with Google's ranking algorithms and user search intent, enhancing the visibility and traffic of the blogs on search engines.

Writing Capability Enhancements

Enhanced Writing Controls

  • The new engine provides users with more control, including internal and external link management, image control, and the ability to add facts and evidence, making the generated articles more professional, authentic, and authoritative, with richer presentation formats.