31 Jan, 2024

January 31 2024 ‚ú®Team Management + Page Publishing Speed Optimization

Team Management

  • All team members can now share the monthly article generation quota of the Team Owner (Only Pro Plan accounts are eligible).
  • Team members can generate, create, edit and publish articles.
  • Only the Team Owner can manage members, as well as the capability to invite other Quick Creator registered users to join the team.

Entrance: Account Management-Team and Members

Team Switching

Invite Members: Click "Invite", enter the email of the member you want to invite (the invited member needs to register a Quick Creator account), click "Send Invitation." Up to 5 members can be invited at a time.

Publication Speed Optimized

We have significantly improved the speed of publishing posts. And with our latest publishing system, you no longer need to republish all pages for any template or theme modifications. Therefore, we no longer provide a button for "Publish All" as it is no longer needed.