12 Apr, 2024

April 12, 2024 ✨ Insert Relevant Keywords and Keyword Score(Beta)

Automatically integrate keywords to save time and improve rankings!Let Blog Writer 2.0's keyword integration feature do the heavy lifting for you. Create optimized content effortlessly - and start seeing the rewards through higher search visibility.

1. Insert Relevant Keywords

Upon activating this feature, related keywords will be automatically embedded into your blog at optimal frequencies, including in H1 titles, outlines, and article content, providing a keyword embedding result score. This ensures your articles are not only optimized for search engines but also closely aligned with audience search content, making your content more discoverable and engaging.

Select idea and enable Insert Relevant Keywords at the same time

Intelligently select and analyze content relevant to user search intent

Real-Time Keyword Scoring

The keyword embedding score is calculated based on the importance of the keyword and the weighted frequency of embedded words.Based on the keyword embedding effect, the keyword embedding score can be calculated in real time when editing the title and outline.

Title score

H2, H3 score

2. Keyword Score

After the article is generated, you can see the final keyword score

  • Competitor keyword analysis - Check the optimization indicators and results of competitors' related articles.
  • Benchmarking - Compare word count, titles, paragraphs, images to competitor content.
  • Insight and Optimization - Achieve effective content optimization by analyzing competitor wording.

Current supported language:

1. Български (Bulgarian)

2. Čeština (Czech)

3. Dansk (Danish)

4. English

5. Ελληνικά (Greek)

6. Deutsch (German)

7. Magyar (Hungarian)

8. Lietuvių (Lithuanian)

9. Nederlands (Dutch)

10. Norge (Norwegian)

11. Română (Romanian)

12. Svenska (Swedish)

13. Spanisch (Spanish)

14. Français (French)

15. Polski (Polish)

16. Русский (Russian)

17. Italiano (Italian)

18. Português do Brasil (Brazilian Portuguese)

19. Português (Portugal)

20. Türkçe (Turkish)